A Recap Of The Last 2 Months (And A Bit Of March)

This will be a short recap of what I’ve been doing on January and February. Following posts after this will be more granular.


Tried to do some improvements on AA, but super stuck. I can’t even do the first drill (ask for directions)

Went to salsa classes, felt a bit bad some days but kept persisting. Goal for this month was ‘just go’.

Gained close to 3lbs of muscle at the gym.


Kept trying to do the drills but still stuck with AA.

On salsa classes I started to greet the girls after and before classes. It was easy so I started talking to them. At the moment I just talk to girls I danced at least 1 time. Very good progress. 1 month ago this was impossible.

Good work on the gym, it seems I gained another 2lbs but not sure because I haven’t weighed myself on the super precise balance they have at gym.

Did some online dating (for 20 days), took very good photos and had like 5 matches per day. Had one awful date with an ugly chick (I went for the experience but wasn’t worth it), luckily I didn’t spent a dime and it only lasted 1 hour.

After reading some of this and this… I decided to just drop it and focus on face to face seduction.

In my opinion, online dating is just NOT WORTH IT. You get no immediate feedback, you can’t convey energy and the quality of girls you can lay is super lower. On top of that, you aren’t really practicing social skills (which for introverted and isolated guys like me is essential).

This is not my first time with online dating. I used it in the past. Yes, it helped me shed my v-card… but the cost emotionally wise, was high.


This month hasn’t finished, but I still made some small progress.

Regarding AA I managed to improve a tiny bit by doing some drills with my group therapy. I still haven’t managed to test how I would fare on my AA Program. Between the rain and the coronavirus… well… it is not easy.

As for Salsa, I told a girl that ‘we should hangout’ and got her number.
It’s just a number, nothing more. I texted her for drinks but she stops answering after a while. Insisted a bit and her response ‘sorry you are to insistent I don’t want to hang out at this moment’.

LOL, well, not much to do. I will try again in two weeks.

On one hand… yes, it’s just a fucking number, not worth anything (I’m aware of the numbers game). On the other hand… hey, big step, I asked a girl to go for drinks! (and I only talked to her twice)


There’s still a lot of work to do on this month. Hope I can get good progress and this fucking coronavirus stops bothering.


Author: Crus


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